Nautical Consumer App

applicazione NaviFlow

No more improvised, often wrong and inaccurate calculations, no more fly sheets and mathematical formulas used badly and haphazardly. With naviflow 's system and App, simply enter the correct data, without any difficulty or need for a computer science degree, to get the instantaneous consumption of a boat with a single or twin-engine, diesel or gasoline engine. With just a few clicks, you eliminate the anxiety of range and have an accurate estimate of consumption therefore the cost of boating. naviflow is available for both IOS and Android

What does it take to install the system?

Just power the ECU naviflow to the power supply (12 or 24 V), connect the flow meter to the fuel line and download theApp naviflow. The tutorial summarizes and illustrates the installation in a few steps (at the following link)

A stable connection via Bluetooth

The connection is provided by Bluetooth Low Energy, which is different from Bluetooth, known as BLE. Still a wireless technology, but it provides lower power consumption as well as reduced cost, which is essential for those who surf and may not have a charging outlet available. The security of keeping fuel consumption under control goes hand in hand with the guarantee of having the connection range, without losing quality in data transfer.

The requirements and differences with the Bluetooth connection protocol: need for low power to be activated and remain active, low cost, and compatibility with most devices: cell phones, tablets, and PCs. The Navi Flow Application offers version 4.1 adopted for applications such as home automation and ideal for boating. Complex operations with little power.

Ease of use and real-time consumption

The App is intuitive and you dribble pairing, no need for pairing to the device as it is done via App and not via operating system. Everything automatically and in real time. naviflow, in fact, it makes a direct calculation based on the actual fuel flow, amount detected by the flow meter and the data is communicated to the smartphone via BLE protocol. Direct and constant control.

Configuration is very simple. After starting the App, the home screen appears where the available ECUs are shown. A moment and you connect, rename the ECU (with the name of the boat) and enter the password (last four digits of the serial number shown on the ECU and on the box).

Consumption history and data memory

The consumption history (liters used and tank remaining) is saved in memory. So even if the ECU is turned off at the next startup, the App will show the old values

Such data will always remain in memory until reset by the user, which can also occur once a year.

Saving the routes traveled

A very convenient feature offered by the App at naviflow is the history. One click and you see all the routes saved in the memory that you can easily view on Google Maps. You thus have, in an instant, all the information: navigation duration with departure and arrival, miles traveled and the cost of fuel consumed. Five pieces of information in four lines. Setup is simple just enter the fuel price and tank volume in liters. Simple data that make it intuitive to read the screen that has a friendly look and high usability. Within everyone's reach.

If the boat is equipped with a twin engine, the icons (separate) of the two engines appear with the parameters of instantaneous consumption in liters/hour according to the speed expressed in knots. Consultation can be in landscape, you can rotate the cell phone screen for optimal viewing.

Price and subscription.

The ' App is free, but by subscribing (monthly or yearly) you can have additional features:

  • Real-time liters/mile
  • Being able to save more than 10 routes
  • Ability to display the navigation screen in either Landscape
  • Possibility to pause the route

The App subscription costs about 49 euros per year or about 19 euros per month. An expense whose cost is amortized thanks to the savings obtained from optimizing consumption. Not to mention the peace of mind and serenity of being able to control unexpected and unexpected consumption and thus avoid unpleasant situations.